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Of course, there will be hordes of Monsters throughout Vagante. Choose your battles, know your environment, and defeat the enemies that stand in your way. Or perhaps, simply ignore them and move on. But beware though, there are powerful creatures which may prove to be more than just a handful. Here you will see a growing list of monsters you'll face below.

List of Monsters

Dark Caves

Image Name HP Attacks/Movement
Slime sm.png Slime 9 Does 3-5 damage when walking into you. Moves very slowly and will periodically jump in the player's direction. Will do 3-5 damage upon landing on or coming into contact with the player. Instead of jumping can it drop through platforms if you are below its location.
Bat sm.png Bat 5 Hangs from the ceiling unless it notices the player. If it does it will start flying and will pursue the player. Upon flying into the player will deal 2-6 damage. Will not pursue the player if the player is in water. Will go back to hanging from the ceiling if left not disrupted for long enough.
Bandit sm.png Goblin 16 Will walk and jump(if necessary) towards the player and if close enough will attempt to stab the player with a sword-like weapon that has shorter range. Sword does 6-9 damage.
ManEater sm.png Lurker 3 Is similar to a tile, except can be walked through. Placed upon a floor. If walked over, will come up for a few seconds, initially doing 8-13 damage. It gets about the size of a movable block when attacking.
Piranha.png Piranha 1 Resides in water. If the player enters its pool it will swim towards the player quickly and upon running into the player will do 1 damage, but has a very small delay between attacks.
Beetle sm.png Divebomber 1 Similar to bats, it hangs from the ceiling until it notices a player. After noticing a player, this monster will fly downwards until it hits the ground or the player and then explode, spawning 5 fireballs in all directions. Each fireball deals 5 damage and does not set the player on fire.
Crawler sm.png Worm 10 Walks around the floor, walls and ceiling. Does not target the player. Upon contact, deals around 4 damage and poisons the player. Worms only spawn on the level where the Giant Worm is supposed to be the boss. Killing three of them will spawn the Giant Worm boss.


Image Name HP Attacks/Movement
Wisp.png Wisp 3 Flies through the map, passing through walls. If a player is close enough, it will grow red in color and pursue the player. Deals 10 damage on contact and dies afterwards.
Spriggan.png Spriggan Archer 16 Similar to goblins, except they will attack with their bows until they use up all of their arrows. After running out of arrows, they will attack with a spiked club. Arrow hits deal about 5 damage.
Golem.png Golem 65 This monster will begin pursuing a player from the moment it notices them and will crush everything in their path, including other enemies. They will also try to crush the player with their arms if the player comes close enough or if the player is walking on them. Being crushed beneath this monster deals 999 damage and its close-range attack deals 25-30 damage.
Plant.png Man-Eating Plant 15 This monster is composed of two parts: the stem, immobile and defenseless, and the mouth, which is able to extend over a fixed distance from the stem and takes little damage from attacks. Being swallowed by the mouth deals 5-10 damage every second and poisons the player. Unlike the mouths from the Spriggan boss, you cannot escape from it by jumping. Also, all damage done to the mouth is applied to the stem as well.
Bird.png Bird 9 This monster keeps flying still until it notices the player. After doing so, it will fly closer and fire 3 feathers at every few seconds. The feathers slow down and come to a standstill shortly after being fired, then disappear. The feathers still deal damage even while stopped.

The Ruins

Image Name HP Attacks/Movement
Bat sm.png Bat 5 Hangs from the ceiling unless it notices the player. If it does it will start flying and will pursue the player. Upon flying into the player will deal 2-6 damage. Will not pursue the player if the player is in water. Will go back to hanging from the ceiling if left not disrupted for long enough.
Demonarmor.png Demon Armor 50 Only appears when summoned by Poltergeists. Will walk forwards the player and is immune to all damage from the front, except from lightning. After coming close enough, they will swing their swords for 12-15 damage. They can be damaged from the front while swinging their swords.
Demondog.png Demon Dog  ?? Only appears when summoned by Poltergeists. Will walk towards the player and prepare for a lunge after reaching a certain distance from the player, then run until they can lunge again. Lunges deal about 5 damage and can surprise the player, even from long distances.
Poltergeist.png Poltergeist 15 This monster usually awaits for the player being high up from the ground, then attempt to summon a Demon Dog, a Demon Armor or attack the player with cold magic, which deals 2-5 damage 2 times, then freezes the player on the third activation. A Poltergeist usually only summons once.

The Catacombs

Image Name HP Attacks/Movement
Doodad.png Hands 50 This monster will walk around the floor, walls and ceiling just like a Worm, but much faster. Upon spotting a player, they will approach and glow before lunging a short distance at the player.

If the player is caught by it, they will hold them for 2-3 seconds before dealing 20-30 damage. After missing or attacking successfully, they will run until they can lunge again.

Carcass.png Carcass 50 This monster will walk from side to side of the floor until it spots a player. It cannot jump, but will fall through blocks in order to reach a player below them.

Upon spotting a player they will walk faster in their direction and attack with their arms after coming close enough. If a player is on a tile above them, they will tunnel through the ground to appear on the tile the player is.

Ghost 50 This monster spawns invisible normally farther away from the player.

It becomes visible if you go near it, but it will circle around you, and eventually become invisible and float in place. After about 1-2 seconds, it will dash at the player, going through obstacles and walls to do around 8-10 damage. (This damage information was taken with 3 defense.

All Areas

Image Name HP Attacks/Movement
Mimic 10 A mimic will stand still, disguising itself as a chest until a careless adventurer comes nearby. After a adventurer comes close enough or after it gets attacked, it will show its true form and will begin to jump around, trying to bite the player for around 5 damage.

After being defeated, it will drop an item, just like a normal chest. Unlike chests, which have grey locks, Mimics have a red lock. Mimics' HP remains the same regardless of the area it appears on, making it a fairly easy enemy to spot and kill after the first areas.