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Weapons are the main and most convenient method of attack in Vagante.

Every non-throwable weapon found in Vagante has a chance to be cursed.

They are considered equipment.

Weapon Types[edit | edit source]

Melee Weapons[edit | edit source]

Melee weapons gain 1 extra base damage for every 2 STR and for every 4 DEX the player has.


Swords are thrusting weapons with a significant attack delay. They are affected by the Knight's Sword affinity.

Image Name Damage Speed Description
Copper sword.png Copper Sword 2-5 Normal Not the sharpest edge, but it does its job.
Steel sword.png Steel Sword 3-6 Normal A perfectly balanced steel sword.
Broad sword.png Broad Sword 3-7 Normal A little heavy, but still quite sharp.
Dragon slayer.png Dragon Slayer 4-8 Very Slow It's simply TOO BIG.
Bone sword.png Bone Sword 5-9 Normal Its jagged edge is carved from a large creature's bone. It looks well suited to ripping flesh.


Daggers are thrusting weapons. They are affected by the Rogue's Dagger affinity.

Image Name Damage Speed Description
Dagger.png Dagger 1-3 Fast Its small size belies its sharp point.
Baselard.png Baselard 1-4 Fast Its distinctive hilt fits easily in the hands.
Glass blade.png Glass Blade 1-6 Fast It has an exceptionally sharp edge.
Blink dagger.png Blink Dagger -1-7 Very Fast If you stare into the blade, you can see a distant place.
*Note* Using the Rogue's Dagger Affinity, you can throw dagger weapons.


Rods are affected by the Mage's Rod affinity.

Image Name Damage Speed Description
Magic rod.png Magic Rod 0-1 Fast A magic weapon that recharges from hitting enemies. Hold attack to use.
Spacer rod.png Spacer Rod 0-1 Fast A magic weapon that recharges from hitting enemies. Hold attack to use.
Waverod.png Wave Rod 0-1 Fast A magic weapon that recharges from hitting enemies. Hold attack to use.

Close Quarters Combat weapons

CQC weapons are thrusting weapons. They are affected by the Wildling's Fist Weapon affinity.

Image Name Damage Speed Description
Unarmed.png Unarmed Attack 1-2 Fast N/A
Caestus.png Caestus 1-2 Very Fast Drastically improve effectiveness of your punches.
Claw.png Claw 2-3 VERY Fast A savage device that rips flesh to shreds.
Qatar.png Qatar 3-4 Very Fast Hand-mounted blade that can be concealed easily.

This category also includes the Caestus of the Elements.

*Note* Though the Qatar has a higher base damage, the Claw is better due to its higher speed, meaning more DPS (Damage Per Second) than the Qatar.

Blunt weapons

These weapons are swung in an arc above the player, with a short delay.

Image Name Damage Speed Description
Club.png Wooden Club 1-3 Fast It's a stout stick of wood, with nails sticking out of its blunt end.
Flanged mace.png Flanged Mace 1-5 Fast Not the spicy kind of mace.
Hammer.png Hammer 1-7 Normal A crude hammer, its head fashioned from stone.
Bludgeon.png Bludgeon 1-8 Slow VERY difficult to clean...
Morning star.png Morning Star 1-8 Slow Everything is better with spikes!
Warhammer.png War Hammer 1-8 Slow One blow from this would crush even the mightiest of armors.
Spearheaded baton.png Spearheaded Baton 3-7 Slow It looks like a spear, but swings like a club!
Thunder gods hammer.png Thunder God's Hammer 5-8 Slow Only a god can wield it correctly.


These weapons are very long ranged, going over 1 tile completely. But to balance out their long range, they are currently some of the slowest weapons in the game.

Image Name Damage Speed Description
Woodsmans axe.png Woodsman's Axe 9-13 Very slow Ideal for chopping wood and foes alike
Battleaxe.png Battle Axe 11-17 Very slow Heavy, yet perfectly balanced.

*Note* The handle part of the axe has no hit box, meaning that you must hit your target with the head of the axe to deal damage. This can cause some issues especially if you are caught by a Man-Eating Plant in the Forest, as you won't be able to hit the enemy while being eaten.

*Note* If you swing the axe and you deal damage, to cut off the recoil animation you can press your swap button while holding your attack button, this makes axes attack much faster than normal.

Ranged Weapons[edit | edit source]

Ranged weapons gain 1 extra base damage for every 2 DEX and for every 4 STR the player has.

Bows and Crossbows

These weapons can be aimed up and down. They are affected by the Rogue's Bow affinity.

Image Name Damage Speed Description
Shortbow.png Shortbow 2-6 Very Slow A bow well-suited to a beginner archer.
Longbow.png Longbow 3-8 Slow Strung on the ends of a large piece of yew, this bow requires some strength to pull.
Crossbow.png Crossbow 4-7 Very Slow Always ready to fire, as long as you reload after shooting.

*Note* The speed in which bows are knocked is affected by your DEX level. Longbow also seems to be affected slightly by STR, though this isn't confirmed.

Throwable Weapons[edit | edit source]

These weapons are throwable, and can be aimed up and down.

Image Name Damage Speed Description
Boomerang.png Boomerang 1-6 Slow It always seems to come back to you. Sometimes...
Enchanted boomerang.png Enchanted Boomerang 1-6 Slow It always seems to come back to you!

Can be created by enchanting the Boomerang with Magic Missile. (Requires at least one level of Enchant)

Bombsprite.png Bomb 99 Slow Packs quite a punch.

*Note* Using the Mage class, you can enchant a boomerang with Magic Missile to create an Enchanted Boomerang.

*Note* Bombs do not activate right away, instead they are thrown and have a short delay before the explode into an extremely small AoE attack that does 99 damage flat, every time.

Weapon Attributes[edit | edit source]

Equipment in Vagante can have different effects, some of which can drastically change how you can approach a situation.

Global Weapon Effects

Has a chance to burn enemies.


Has a chance to freeze enemies.


Has a chance to shock enemies.


Increases knockback of weapons.

Melee Weapon Effects Bow Effects
Coated with poison (only temporary)

Poisons enemies.

You can coat a weapon with poison by using an identified poison potion on it.

Weightless Arrows
Arrows do not fall when shot.
Envenomed (permanent)

Poisons enemies.

Arrow Trajectory
You get a green sight line of where your arrow will travel while aiming your bow.
Fairy Magic
Reduces attacked enemies' armor and causes inflicted enemy to glow.
Shoots two arrows with one shot.
Spirit Emitter
Attacking with this attribute cause spirits to spawn. Spirits deal 1-2 damage and home in on enemies
Homing Arrows
Arrows home in on targets.
Life Steal

Gain a small amount of HP every time you hit a non-undead enemy. The amount of HP scales with your damage.

Splash Attack

A small fraction of the weapon's damage splashes over to enemies adjacent to the first enemies hit by the weapon.

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