The Catacombs

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The Catacombs is the third level of Vagante. This area requires players to take more caution with delayed spike traps and stronger enemies.

Image Name HP Attacks/Movement
Doodad.png Hands 50 This monster will walk around the floor, walls and ceiling just like a Worm, but much faster. Upon spotting a player, they will approach and glow before lunging a short distance at the player.

If the player is caught by it, they will hold them for 2-3 seconds before dealing 20-30 damage. After missing or attacking successfully, they will run until they can lunge again.

Carcass.png Carcass 50 This monster will walk from side to side of the floor until it spots a player. It cannot jump, but will fall through blocks in order to reach a player below them.

Upon spotting a player they will walk faster in their direction and attack with their arms after coming close enough. If a player is on a tile above them, they will tunnel through the ground to appear on the tile the player is.

Wraith.png Ghost 50 This monster spawns invisible normally farther away from the player.

It becomes visible if you go near it, but it will circle around you, and eventually become invisible and float in place. After about 1-2 seconds, it will dash at the player, going through obstacles and walls to do around 8-10 damage. (This damage information was taken with 3 defense.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Make your way through this floor slowly to avoid missteps.
  • Be wary of crates and barrels, as on this floor they can be magically thrown at players.
  • Shopping can be treacherous on this floor, see Carcass.
  • Ghosts can be easily petrified with the Frost Nova spell. This will cause them to fall to the bottom of the map before pursuing you again.
  • Hands can be a problem without any stun/knock-back items or enchanted equipment. Make sure you have a freezing weapon or high speed to avoid them.
  • Carcasses can be handled similarly to goblins, however with their tunneling ability they can catch you off guard.