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Slime sm.png
Health 9
Damage {{{Damage}}}
Location Dark Caves
Slimes are green monsters that appear in the Dark Caves.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Attacks Damage Range Description
Dash 3 - 5 Dashes towards the player.
Jump Leaps towards the player to reach or hop on top of the player.
Spike 3 - 5 When the slime manages to hop on top of the player,

the slime will turn into a spike, damaging the player.

Slimes move slowly and has an average jump.

Slimes do not cause touch damage unless they are touched from below or are in their dash phase.

Slime Cave[edit | edit source]

Slime caves slimes have a much harder variant of slimes which all have touch damage from the sides along with an extra effect.

Red slimes has the trailblazer effect, leaves a trail of fire and causes the player to take 2 Burn damage. Also does 3~7 touch damage.

Orange slimes has the bouncy effect, allowing the slime to bounce.

Yellow slimes has the lightning effect, causing the player to occasionally take 2 Electric damage when nearby.

Purple slimes drip from the ceiling and falls down once the player is directly below them.

Blue slimes has the freeze aura effect, freezing the player periodically.

Rainbow slimes are the boss at the end of the slime cave. The boss has 135 Health, does 12~20 Touch damage, and acts similarly to a regular slime with improved performance.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Slimes can be rushed with most fast weapons and taken down quickly before the slime can react.

Hitting the slime before it can rush will cancel its attack.

Avoid fighting a slime inside a hole, if the slime manages to hop on top of the player, the player will suffer a considerable amount of damage.

Gallery[edit | edit source]