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SkeletonStand 1.png

Whenever the player dies in co-op, they leave behind a body and can revive themselves as a skeleton to fight another day.


Although weaker than normal players, they do have a few tricks to help the team.


Attacks[edit | edit source]

Attack Description of Attack DMG
Bone Swing The Player swings a bone similarly to a club. 2-4*
Bone Toss The Player tosses a bone in an arc. 2-4*


As you can see, the skeletons are not very powerful.

Stats & Passive Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Skeletons have 100 HP and can open their inventories. However, they can't use any equipment but can drop them for the other players
  • Being dead, they do not need to breathe underwater, but can still be killed again.
  • Skeletons can be used for scouting ahead since they aren't as valuable as regular players.
  • Skeletons will come back to life after being revived at a tombstone in the intermissions.

Wraith[edit | edit source]


Players that die as skeletons turn into wraiths.

The Wraiths' means of interacting with the stage are very limited.