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Shrines can be found randomly throughout the stages of the game, and they offer rewards in return for various offerings. A level may have more than one shrine but will never spawn two of the same shrine.

Destroying a shrine will cause a message to appear and a special effect to happen.

The Smith[edit | edit source]

  • Offer: 1-5 pieces of Equipment. A bomb counts as equipment.
  • Rewards: 1 random piece of equipment.
  • When destroyed: Dozens of arrows are shot, surrounding every player on the level.
  • After offering multiple hammers (presumably 5), the Smith will reward you with the Thunder God's hammer. The gift is preceded by "Behold!" as opposed to the usual "I will grant you this gift".
    The Smith
    The Smith

The Bloody[edit | edit source]

  • Offer: 33 HP
  • Rewards: One of three permanent stat bonuses, which can stack.
    • +1 STR. "Show me your strength."
    • +1 DEX. "Show me your skill."
    • +1 DEF. "Show me your resilience."
  • Alternate offer: a Fairy
  • Reward: +1 STR, DEX, INT and LCK. You will not lose HP by sacrificing the fairy.
  • When destroyed: Every player on the level takes 10 damage.
  • Cannot be used with 1 HP remaining.


  • Using the shrine will kill you if you are using the "Death's Acolyte" background or "Death becomes easier to encounter" equipment.
  • In any other circumstance, using the shrine will not kill you. You will be left with 1 HP instead.
  • Using the shrine with less than 33 HP will leave you at 1 HP and will not grant you any rewards. However, it is possible to sacrifice 33 HP in multiple goes. You will be rewarded when the total amount of health sacrificed reaches 33. Example: White Mage has 32 HP and activates the shrine. White Mage loses 31 HP and doesn't get a reward. White Mage heals back to full and uses the shrine again. White Mage loses 2 HP and obtains a reward.
The Bloody
The Bloody

The Deranged[edit | edit source]

  • Offer: 1 of any item, including bomb arrows. Alternatively, around 50 regular arrows.
  • Reward:
    • Random item, including artifacts but not unique items
    • Water burst (very rare)
    • Destroying nearby ground as per Wand of Digging, in three different directions
    • Random teleportation
    • 3 random instantaneous teleportations, within moments of each other
    • Earthquake
    • Random status effect, such as:
      • Random potion buffs, including Regeneration
      • Berserk status (random duration)
      • Freezing the player (harmless)
      • Setting the player on fire for 10 damage
      • Magic potion buff, accompanied by a burst of Magic Missiles fired from the player in all directions
    • Throwing the player a short way in a random direction, stunning and inflicting a small amount of damage.
    • 1-5 Scrolls of Chaos (rare), preceded by "Spread my word!"
  • Offering a Chaos Wand followed by any kind of dagger rewards you with the Blink Dagger.
  • When destroyed: Teleports you to random locations rapidly.
  • Be wary, as this shrine resembles The Scholar shrine.
The Deranged

The Light[edit | edit source]

  • Offer: 20 Gold.
  • Rewards: Healing, presumably 1-20 HP.
  • When destroyed: Drops all gold previously used on it, even on past levels. The shrine then bars the player from receiving future rewards until all gold dropped by it is returned via offering.
  • When destroyed 4 times, game becomes slow for the current level, doesn't give back the coins, and makes visibility becomes very low for following levels
    The Light

The Shackled[edit | edit source]

  • Offer: Cursed Equipment
  • Rewards: Random stat allocation on the offered item at the price of a God-curse. A God-cursed item cannot be removed with a Scroll of Uncurse.
  • When destroyed: Curses all equipment in the player's inventory, as well as the equipment available in the shop.
  • You can save your scrolls of Identify by simply offering items that have not been identified, and seeing if the shrine takes them. If the shrine does not take the item, feel free to equip it to see what your non-cursed item does.
  • Offering 3 Scrolls of Uncurse to this shrine rewards you with a cursed Ring of the Shackled, which has no stats but gives you strength based on how many cursed items you are wearing. The ring can be god-cursed to receive some stats.
  • The Shackled

The Scholar[edit | edit source]

  • Offer: 2 spell books or 6 scrolls (offering one spell book and 3 scrolls also works).
  • Rewards: 1 random spell book of any rank.
  • When Destroyed: Drops a random spell book, prevents further rewards.
  • Has a chance to reward the player with an Enchant scroll. Will not affect the requirements of normal rewards.
  • Be wary as this shrine resembles The Deranged shrine and destroying it may heavily impact your run.
  • The Scholar
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