Shadow Knight

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Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight.png
Main Info
HP 600
Area Rift

The Black Knight is one of the three bosses found in the last area of the game.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Black Knight will stand idle until the player approaches. If the player comes close enough the Black Knight will start to attack. The Black Knight will always open with a downward stab towards the player.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Attacks Description
Overhead Swing The Shadow Knight raises its' sword above its' head and then, after a very short delay, will swing downward in the way its' facing. The Black Knight then spends a moment with his sword on the ground. Note: If you are directly next to the Black Knight, this attack will not hit you, allowing you to get a few more attacks in before your next dodge.
Forward stab The Shadow Knight prepares his sword and the does a forward thrust Note: Easily dodged with a jump.
Bow Attack The Shadow Knight pulls out a bow and fires a few arrows before continuing his normal attacks
Downward stab The Shadow Knight teleports above you(marked by dark clouds) and then does a downward stab attack. The Shadow Knight has a small endlag if he misses his target, providing another opening for attacks.
Dash Stab Just like the Forward Stab, but the Shadow Knight dashes back and forth.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

This boss is rather sluggish, and will easily fold to any rushdown attacks.

Take note of attacks that either can or cannot hit you while you're up in Shadow Knight's face, notably the overhead swing which will not hit you and the forward stab which will.

The Shadow Knight also has a trick up his sleeve that you should look out for:

Evil Transformation[edit | edit source]

About halfway through the fight, The Black Knight will stop attacking and then proceed to cast Evil Transformation. This version of Evil Transformation heals the amount of damage dealt, so this stage of the fight can be extremely tough since every hit you take actively heals the Boss. You can tell you are in this stage of the fight due to the red outline that surrounds the Shadow Knight Note: You should also be aware that if the Shadow Knight ever falls off the island, he will do a downward stab attack to get back up to you. You may even try and make the Shadow Knight fall off on purpose if you are comfortable dodging.

Champion Variant[edit | edit source]

The champion variant has a gold coloration, and he will immediately cast his Evil Transformation spell which will now heal him for four times as much health. His downstab attack will also create shockwaves going both directions.