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Throughout the game you'll come across a number of secrets. These secrets can be tracked by pressing [Interact] on your Book of Secrets during the lobby. The book appears after finding your first secret.

Below is the list of hidden Book of Secrets content.

Type Name Book of Secrets requirement Effect
Character Wildling Reach the Forest. Unlocks the Wildling.
Character Random Beat the Catacombs. Spawn in the lobby as a skeleton. You will begin the game as a random class with a random background.
Background Deprived Reach the Forest. Begin the game with no equipment.
Unavailable for Wilding
Background Strong Die 10 times playing Vagante. +1 base Strength.
Background Bookworm Read 20 spellbooks. Spells from spellbooks start at level 2. However, you lose Strength and Constitution.
Background Survivor Die 100 times. You heal 4 extra HP between levels.
Background Illiterate Read 100 scrolls. You cannot use scrolls or spellbooks, but you start with 5 bombs.
Background Merchant Buy 40 items from the shop. Your character receives a discount at shops.
Background Ascetic Collect 10,000 gold. Touching gold will destroy it, but your starting stats are increased.
Background Farsighted Shoot 400 arrows. Increased ranged damage, but greater chance to miss melee attacks. Also improves sight range.
Background Snake Eater Drink 5 Potions of Poison. Potions of Poisons heal you, but Potions of Regeneration are less effective. Start with 1 extra point of poison resistance.
Background Wanted Killed by a shopkeeper 10 times. Begin the game with a Stolen Ring (+3 Luck and gold collector effect). Shopkeepers will attack you on sight.
Background Nimble Solve the jumping puzzle in the lobby. +1 base Speed.
Background Wisp Curse Killed by a Wisp 3 times. An endless stream of green wisps flow through the level, killing players instantly upon contact. The wisps are on a set path and will not chase players.
Background Death’s Acolyte Clear 3 floors while wearing "death becomes easier to encounter" equipment. Permanent "death becomes easier to encounter" effect, but deal extremely increased damage to enemies.
Background Armored Complete the game as a knight Start with +2 defense armor, but -2 damage stat on starting sword.
Knight exclusive
Background Boomerang Complete the game as a rogue. Start with the boomerang instead of the short bow.
Rogue exclusive
Background Heirloom Complete the game as a mage. Start with the Heirloom Ring instead of a magic rod.
Mage exclusive
Background Will of the Elements Complete the game as a wilding. Start with the Elemental Caestus.
Wilding exclusive
Misc. Training Dummy Destroy 10 shrines. Adds a scarecrow to the lobby, which can be used as a training dummy. (The scarecrow does not have feelings, despite claims to the contrary. Do not empathize with the scarecrow.)
Music Alternate Cave Theme Beat the cave. Chance to replace the Cave theme on some floors.
Music Alternate Forest Theme Beat the forest. Chance to replace the Forest theme on some floors.
Music Alternate Catacombs Theme Beat the catacombs. Chance to replace the catacomb theme on some floors.
Music Alternate Plane of Despair Theme Beat the game. Chance to replace the Plain of Despair theme on some floors.
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