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Version 1.02.9 (Live) 1.042.1 (Beta/Experimental)

DISCLAIMER: Certain features presented on this page may be in the beta version of the game but not the live version.

Rogue Skins New.png


The Rogue is one of the Classes you can play as in Vagante with focuses on stealth/ranged combat and critical hits.

Starting Set[edit | edit source]

Health: 80 STR: 1 DEX: 4 VIT: 3 INT: 3 LCK: 1
Name Damage Attack Speed Stats Description
Dagger 1-3 Very Fast --- "Its small size belies its sharp point."
Short Bow 3-7 Very Slow --- "A bow well-suited to a beginner archer."
Name Description
Arrows "Stone tipped, and fletched with an Ozir's feathers."

Affinities[edit | edit source]

Acrobatics Icon New.png Acrobatics
Level 1 Tumbling Press [Interact] while holding left or right to roll. Holding a direction when taking fall damage will roll.
Fall damage greatly reduced.
Level 2 Advanced Maneuvers Jump off of walls. Also, rolls can be canceled by jumping.
Level 3 Evasion 1 Gain a 17% chance to evade any physical attack.
Level 4 Evasion 2 Gain a 33% chance to evade any physical attack.
Archery Icon New.png Archery
Level 1 Advanced Movement Enables strafing and jumping while drawing a bow.
Level 2 Rebound Arrows bounce off the first surface hit.
Level 3 Penetrate Arrows penetrate the first target. +15% Arrow Damage.
Level 4 Pierce Arrows pierce through two targets. +30% Arrow Damage.
Level 5 Ricochet Arrows bounce many times.
Dagger Icon New.png Dagger
Level 1 Anatomy Studies Increased dagger damage and critical chance.
Level 2 Dagger Tricks Hold up and attack to throw your dagger. Thrown daggers will return to their owner.
Level 3 Dagger Mastery Thrown daggers strike twice.
Shadow Icon New.png Shadow
Level 1 Stealth Enter stealth mode by ducking.
Level 2 Shadow Attunement Enter stealth mode quicker. Opening chests no longer breaks stealth.
Level 3 Moving Shadow Attacks out of stealth critically hit. Enter stealth by holding walk or ducking.
Level 4 Strike of Darkness Entering stealth releases a cloud of smoke. Increased critical damage.
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