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Random Events have a small chance of occuring and slightly change the usual course of events.

Currently, there are only random events for the Dark Caves.

Dark Caves[edit | edit source]

It's damp in here.[edit | edit source]

The stage is slowly getting flooded with water.

It usually takes more than an hour to completely fill the level.

This cave doesn't seem stable.[edit | edit source]

Every once in a while, boulders will start dropping from the ceiling.

The boulders deal 1 damage and stun the player. They also destroy spikes on impact

This random event is currently disabled because of a gamebreaking bug.

The floor feels slimy.[edit | edit source]

This random event replaces the boss of a stage with the Rainbow Slime and all the monsters with variations of slimes.

Red slimes have an effect similar to the trailblazer attribute, which makes them leave a trail of fire which deals a bit of damage.

the rainbow slime

Orange slimes have an effect similar to the bouncy attribute, which makes them bounce after jumping.

Yellow slimes will release a lightning bolt every few seconds, which deals ~5 damage to nearby players.

Blue slimes will freeze the player if they get attacked with a melee weapon.

Purple slimes will drip slime particles from the ceiling and drop down on the player if they are directly above them.

All of the special slimes deal damage on contact and have resistances against their own element.

There is a small chance of normal slimes being replaced with special ones in a Dark Caves stage, which makes it possible to fight two Rainbow Slimes in the same level.