Lost Adventurer

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Lost Adventurer

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Main Info
HP 300
Area ???

The Lost Adventurer is the final boss of Vagante.

Both phases have 300HP each.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Lost Adventurer will wait for the player to arrive, and then start its attacks. If the boss is defeated and all Rune Orbs have been obtained, they will transform and phase 2 will begin.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Phase 1
Attack Description
Ice Boulder The Lost Adventurer builds a small boulder on the side of the stage and then slides it across the platform. Touching it will freeze the player and push

them across in the same direction, dealing damage when the player hits a wall.

Laser Volley The Lost Adventurer fires a volley of lasers, dealing fire and lightning damage.
Laser Array The Lost Adventurer fires multiple laser beams and goes back and forth across the stage, dealing fire and lightning damage.
Spawn Floaters The Lost Adventurer summons multiple Floaters.
Meteor Shower The Lost Adventurer calls in a meteor shower.
Electricity Balls The Lost Adventurer summons electricity balls, similar to The Behemoth's.
Lunge The Lost Adventurer lunges towards the player with a physical/poison attack.
Phase 2
Attack Description
Laser Beam The Lost Adventurer charges up then unleashes a beam downwards, destroying any floating terrain in range.
Magic Missile The Lost Adventurer casts a ring of magic missiles around itself
Fireball The Lost Adventurer casts a fireball at the player.
Lunge The Lost Adventurer lunges at the player, dealing significant damage.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

Using the grappling hook to go under the stage will avoid the meteor shower that can be difficult to dodge onstage if you don't have enough speed.

Stacking elemental resistances will help reduce damage taken from the lasers which deal elemental damage.

The attacks are fairly telegraphed and are mostly dodgeable. i.e. During the meteor shower, rings of fire will appear on the ground that indicate where meteors will land. When the boss is firing lasers, move in the same direction that they are moving in.

Take your time and utilize ranged attacks when possible.

Freezing the boss right when the fight starts will give you a window to deal damage.

Champion Variant[edit | edit source]

The champion variant has a few differences from the normal variant.

The boss is immune to stun when it casting a meteor shower.

It has a new attack:

Attack Description
Explosive Missile The Lost Adventurer unleashes a volley of magic missiles that explode for 30 damage.