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Version 1.06.0 (Live) 1.071.1 (Beta/Experimental)

The possible costumes for the Knight.

The Knight is one of the Classes you can play as in Vagante with focuses on sword combat, shielding and holy magic.

Starting Set[edit | edit source]

100 3 2 5 3 0

Name Damage Attack Speed Stats Description
Copper Sword 2-5 Slow --- "Not the sharpest edge, but it does its job."

Affinities[edit | edit source]

Sword Icon New.png Sword
Level 1 Sword Dance Slide backwards or forwards while stabbing. Hitting an enemy while sliding deals extra damage.
Level 2 Omnistab Hold down and attack while falling for a falling attack. Hold up and attack to do a weaker overhead slash.
Level 3 Power Attack Hold your attack button to gather strength.
Level 4 Sword Spin Hold up while jumping to perform a spin attack.
Level 5 Quick Draw Hone your dexterity. Draw your sword faster than the enemy can react.
Vorpal attack speed.
Holy Icon New.png Holy
Level 1 Angelic Wings Take no damage from falling.
Level 2 Divine Weapon Swinging your weapon after damaging enemies manifests holy light.
Level 3 Holy Shield Stored Divine Weapon charges give bonus defense against elemental damage.
Level 4 Second Chance Attacks cannot kill you unless your HP is zero.
Defense Icon New.png Defense
Level 1 Defensive Stance Hold down to block physical attacks.
Level 2 Aspect of Rock Become immune to knockbacks when taking damage.
Level 3 Bulwark Gain a recharging defensive shield.
Level 4 Reflex Stance Correctly timing blocks will reflect attack damage.
Level 5 Aspect of Steel Some attacks will be automatically blocked.
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