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Goblins are monsters that appear in the Dark Caves.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Attack Description
Stab Goblin stabs with a sword in the direction it is facing
Attribute Value
Health 16
Damage 5-8

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Goblins are early, low-level monsters, so dealing with them is pretty straight-forward. Upon seeing you, they will run towards you and attempt to stab you with their sword. Although they are pretty easy to dodge, they are a little beefier than the rest of the non-Boss type monsters in the Dark Caves, so they can be a little tedious in groups. When they stab, they do get stuck in an animation so that's your chance to jump behind them and attack their back when they are vulnerable. The sword dance is effective if you are a Knight, a Rogue can never go wrong with a little archery, and as a Wizard it's best to just keep your distance and magic missile the suckers if you get a chance. If you happen to be the Unnamed Woman you probably don't want any advice anyway, but generally just get behind them and do as much damage as possible.

Gallery[edit | edit source]