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Controls[edit | edit source]

JUMP Default: S Your character leaps into the air. Hold longer to jump higher.
MELEE Default: D Your character swings their melee weapon. Some affinities allow charging by holding it down.
RANGED Default: F Your character shoots or throws a weapon. Hold to increase range/damage.
MAGIC Default: A Your character casts a spell. Hold to increase concentration. Spells outside of Mage's starter spells require mana.
WALK Default: DOWN Your character moves slowly. Used by several affinities. Also used to enter doors.
SWAP/Cancel Default: W Hold SWAP and tap MELEE/RANGED/MAGIC to switch them. If holding MELEE/RANGED/MAGIC, tap SWAP to cancel the charge.
MENU Default: Space This opens and closes your character menu. You can press WALK to move to the page on the left or press SWAP to move to the page on the right.

Inventory Pages[edit | edit source]

  • Inventory: Your items are found here. Press JUMP to move items, press MELEE to use/equip/unequip, press RANGED to drop items/hold RANGED to drop a stack of items, press MAGIC to combine one item with another. SWAP cycle for melee and ranged weapons are determined by first equipped to last equipped.
  • Stats: You can move your cursor to view more detailed information about your stats and status effects.
  • Spells: You can equip/unequip your spells here. Press MELEE when hovering over a spell to equip/unequip it. SWAP cycle for spells is determined by first equipped to last equipped.
  • Affinities: You can allocate your affinity points here. Press up/down to select a affinity, right/left to view info of affinity levels, and press MELEE to add a point to the selected affinity.

Display[edit | edit source]

Menu screen.png

1. New Game: Starts a new game. Sends you to the lobby screen shown below.

2. Play Online: Opens the lobby browser.

3.Unlocks: Allows you to look at the current unlockable content.

4. Options: Opens the options menu that lets you set your controls and volume and graphic settings.

5. Credits: Lets you see the credits of the game.

6. Exit Game: Closes the game


Press MENU (Default: Space) to open the character selection screen, select your class, skin and background and press MENU (Default: Space) again to confirm your selection.

1. Entrance: When one player presses UP in front of the door, the entire party delves into the dreaded cave to find the mysterious treasure.

2. Save Book: If you have a save file from a single player or local co-op run, you may reload it here.

3. Tutorial: This area is located to the right edge of the screen.

4. Scarecrow: After reaching Progression Level 6, you will unlock a scarecrow that serves as a training dummy.

5. Trophy: After beating the game for the first time, you unlock a trophy that will be placed here