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VER 0.27C

Controls[edit | edit source]

JUMP Default: Z Your character leaps into the air. Hold longer to jump higher.
MELEE Default: X Your character swings their melee weapon. Some affinities allow charging by holding it down.
RANGED Default: C Your character shoots or throws a weapon. Hold to increase range/damage.
MAGIC Default: V Your character casts a spell. Hold to increase concentration. Spells outside of Mage's starter spells require mana.
WALK Default: Left Shift Your character moves slowly. Used by several affinities. Also used to enter doors.
SWAP Default: A Hold SWAP and tap MELEE/RANGED/MAGIC to switch them. If holding MELEE/RANGED/MAGIC, tap SWAP to cancel the charge.
MENU Default: Space This opens and closes your character menu. You can press WALK to move to the page on the left or press SWAP to move to the page on the right.

Inventory Stats Affinities Spells
Your items are found here. You can view your stats and ailments here. You can allocate your affinity points here. You can equip/unequip your spells here.
  • Inventory: Press JUMP to move items, press MELEE to use/equip/unequip, press RANGED to drop items/hold RANGED to drop a stack of items, press MAGIC to combine one item with another. SWAP cycle for melee and ranged weapons are determined by first equipped to last equipped.
  • Stats: You can move your cursor to view info of stats and ailments.
  • Affinities: Press up/down to select a affinity, right/left to view info of affinity ranks, and press MELEE to add a point to the selected affinity.
  • Spells: Press MELEE when hovering over a spell to equip/unequip it. SWAP cycle for spells is determined by first equipped to last equipped.

Display[edit | edit source]

1. New Game: Starts a new game. Sends you to the lobby screen detailed below.
2. Play Online: Disabled for now. The developers are working hard on it, alright!
3. Options: Set controller configurations and graphic settings.
4. Exit Game: Does what it says.

1. Participating Players: Press your corresponding controller's MENU to create a character, select a class and background and press MENU again to confirm. Press SWAP after selection to change colors.
2. Entrance: When one player presses WALK in front of the door, the entire party delves into the dreaded cave to find the mysterious treasure.
3. Save Book: If you have a save file from a single player run, you may reload it here.
4. Book of Secrets: This book records the achievements you've accomplished that also unlock specific features for the game. You can look at them here.
5. Tutorial Cave: This area is located to the right edge of the screen. When you first play, you have to do the tutorial anyway.
6. Training Dummy: After the dummy is unlocked, it is placed here for you to hit mercilessly. It works well to take your stress out on.

1. Player Character: That's you! Keep track of them.
2. Player Profile: Your character color, your health points (HP) and mana points (MP), and your mana reserve.
3. Equipment: From left to right, new affinity point(s) to be allocated, melee weapon, ranged weapon, equipped spell, ammunition for ranged weapon.
4. Gold: How much money your party is carrying. It's useful for goods and services.
5. Minimap: A small map that shows your location (white), explored area (grey), unexplored area (purple), Magic Mapped area (blue), and important items (B=Beginning, S=Shop, Box=Big Chest, E=Exit).
6. Experience Bar: The meter at the bottom of the screen shows your progress. Defeating a boss immediately fills it to max. When you enter a door to a new area, your party levels up in the intermission and can allocate new affinity points.
7. Frames Per Second (FPS) Counter: Semi-transparent, reports game's framerate.

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