Dark Caves

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The Dark Caves are the first level type you will encounter.

Although the enemies present in this area are generally easily disposed of, the level contains many traps (such as boulders or spikes) than can kill the player instantly. Consequently using a scroll of magic mapping can be useful to know what parts of the area are especially dangerous, but players will still have to pay attention to their surroundings if they want to survive. Wearing boulder and spike protection gear is also strongly recommended if it is available.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Image Name HP Attack Power Special
Slime sm.png Slime 9 3-4 0
Bat sm.png Bat 5 3-7 0
Bandit sm.png Goblin 16 6-10 0
ManEater sm.png Man Eater 3 9-11 Distance
Piranha 1 1 0
Beetle sm.png Divebomber 1 3 0
Crawler sm.png Crawler 10 1-2 Poison
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