Brood Demon

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Brood Demon
Brood Demon.png
Main Info
HP 500
Area Rift

The Brood Demon is one of the three bosses found in the last area of the game.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The brood demon sits idle and not moving until a player approaches. After the boss sees the player, the Brood Demon will fly up and start to attack the player.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Attack Description
Egg Drop The Brood Demon spits out eggs that deal damage. After a short period the eggs will hatch, spawning Broodlings. The eggs bounce into the air upon hitting the ground.
Bomb Drop The Brood Demon spits out bombs, in a similar fashion to the eggs, but the bombs explode and do 33 damage. The bombs bounce into the air upon hitting the ground.
Air Dash The brood demon flies diagonally up either left or right. After that, the Brood Demon rotates towards the player and flies to them, slowing down after it passes the player.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Go to an area with no other enemies before fighting this boss in order to get the space necessary to avoid bombs.

Destroy the eggs to prevent broodlings from spawning.

Brood Demon can be frozen to reset its attack cycle.

Champion Variant[edit | edit source]

The champion variant has a red and green coloration, with different behavior from its normal variant.

This variant will move and drop eggs and bombs at the same time. The Air Dash will have no windup and will come out instantly.