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Bosses can be found randomly in every level of Vagante, they are stronger and tougher than normal mobs and activate a background soundtrack when engaged. When killed they drop a Treasure Key used to open treasure chests or branch doors.

Baby Dragon

The Baby Dragon is one of the three bosses to spawn in the Dark Caves.

It has 65HP.


Initially sleeping, it will wake up when the player gets close to it. At times, its capability of flying might make the fight harder for melee characters.


Attack Description
Dive The Dragon does a dive to the ground, stunning players if they're touching the ground.
Enrage After losing half of its health, the dragon glows a red hue, moves faster and spits fire more quickly.
Spit Fire The Dragon stands still and spits 3 fireballs in succession.


Try standing behind an obstacle when the Dragon is spitting fire and getting close to hit it just after it spits the third fireball, but be wary that they can start spitting fire again immediately. Fighting it on small map spaces is probably best as that gives you obstacles to hide behind and you can quickly get close to the dragon to attack it.

The dragon's fireballs cannot hurt you while underwater, so you can attack it without consequences. Be aware that the more fire the dragon shoots, the more the water decreases. (Fireballs from Divebombers can still hit you underwater.)

The fireballs do not deal damage when the Hero has +4 fire resistance, rendering the Dragon effectively harmless.

Also if you have a chance, try running/swimming or fight it inside the water.. making it an easy kill

Goblin King

The Goblin King is one of the three bosses to spawn in the Dark Caves.
It has 65 HP.


Will summon goblins as soon as it takes aggro on the player.


Attack Description
Grab The Goblin lunges forward, if a player is in its way, the Goblin will grab them and throw them far away, dealing damage based on distance from the impact point.
Charge The Goblin will pause for a second and then charge forward, dealing damage to every player caught by it until it hits an obstacle briefly stunning itself.
Stomps The Goblin jumps up and down stomping the ground 3 times and will deal contact damage while doing so. The screen shakes and the player might have difficulty jumping due to the stomps.
Summon Goblins The Goblin summons 2 smaller goblins to its aid. New goblins are summoned momentarily after the previous pair of summoned goblins die. The goblins do not drop any gold.


It is recommended to fight this boss somewhere where you have a lot of horizontal mobility.

Also before you do anything, take out the 2 goblins before fighting the boss as they can mess up the fight for you which is bad because this boss does a lot of damage.

The Goblin King's charge attack is potentially his most dangerous attack, as that does a whopping 15 damage which is a lot for this early in the game. You can tell if he's about to do it if he raises his axe which makes a sound. You can avoid it by timing a jump, or jumping to a higher platform or behind him if you're not used to the timing between the axe raise and the charge. The downtime coming from this attack is a very good time to strike.

The Goblin King's grab attack is easily the most dangerous if there are any spikes near, as you could get thrown into spikes which is instant death without any spike protection gear. If the Goblin King withdraws his axe, he's about to do the grab attack. You can avoid it by timing a jump, or jumping to a higher platform. Jumping behind him works but if he's facing a nearby wall then run away before he bounces off the wall into you. The downtime coming from this attack is a good moment to attack the boss. Note that you can't free yourself by using frost nova if you're grabbed. If you're playing multiplayer, then you can free someone else who's being grabbed by using frost nova, and the player being grabbed will get stunned for a moment after he/she gets freed.

If the Goblin King lowers his axe slightly, then he does the jump attack. I'd recommend staying away from the boss during this as attacking while the boss is doing this will almost guarantee you taking damage which is not good in this game. The downtime is less compared to other attacks, so if you choose to attack during this downtime, then be aware of the Goblin's next move.

Patience is key during this fight, as the Goblin King's attacks do lots of damage but they have lots of downtime between them which is the only time when you should strike, and the goblins can be annoying as well if you decide not to kill them beforehand. If this boss spawns in a pit of spikes, then wait until his wall bounces or jumps destroys all of the spikes before facing the Goblin King.

Rock Worm

The Worm is one of the three bosses to spawn in the Dark Caves

It has 100HP.


The Worm turns hostile after a player kills 3 worms or after a player attacks it directly.


Attack Description
Burrow The Worm moves through the map, dealing 1-4 damage to the player if it touches them.
Poison Spit The Worm stands still and spits 3 poison projectiles in succession (5 faster poison projectiles after critically harmed). The poison projectiles deal damage and poison the player.


The best bet is to wait until the Worm stops spitting poison, as it will stand still for a few seconds before burrowing again. If you freeze the worms head using the frost nova or iceball spell he will stop spitting poison until the next time he resurfaces. The worm takes increased damage to its head and reduced damage to its body. It can only move so far into open space from any wall, floor, or other environments. Therefore, if the player is distanced far enough from an open space before the worm is close enough to begin firing its poison, the worm will recede and move back into the surface area to come from another angle. If the player has such an environment, it can avoid the prompting the poison attacks altogether by getting far enough away that the worm is forced to recede, attacking its body as it leaves, and repeating until it dies.

Rainbow Slime

The Rainbow Slime is the boss of the Slime Cave.

There is a 0.01% chance for any regular slime to become a rainbow slime.

It has 100HP.


It will chase a player similar to a regular green slime however it is much faster.


Its attacks animations are very similar to a green slime, except it will turn into a spiky ball much more often. Unlike green slimes, they deal 10-15 contact damage.


Ranged Weapons and spells work very well against the Rainbow Slime.

Alternatively, Weapons with a long range such as Axes and Spearheaded Batons are good too.

Rainbow slimes only take one point of damage from spike traps.


Evil Mage

The Evil Mage is the boss of The Ruins.

It has 150HP.


The Evil Mage spawns after picking up the Rune Orb.


Attack Description
Icebolt The Evil Mage shoots volleys of 1-3 Icebolts that pass through walls, deal around 10 damage and freeze the player. These Icebolts will linger in place if the player moves too far away from the Evil Mage. 
Nova       The Evil Mage uses a spell similar to Frost Nova that freezes nearby players and deals 1-2 damage. You can either move out of its effective range or hide behind obstacles.
Teleportation   After finishing an attack cycle, the Evil Mage will remain standing still for a few seconds, teleport near the player and start a new attack cycle. These few idle seconds are the only time frame you should attack the Evil Mage in.
Alternate Teleportation Once the Evil Mage is at half health he will start alternating between regular teleportations and alternate ones. In the alternate ones, it will turn invisible, teleport near the player and use its Nova attack shortly after releasing a visual cue and a cackle audio cue.
Radial Icebolts Can only occur if the player attacks the Evil Mage while it is casting. The Evil Mage immediately shoots around 10 Icebolts and teleports.


It is advisable to clear out the entire stage to prevent Cultist from interfering with the fight. You can immediately attack it after it finishes its spawning animation without any danger.

After its first teleportation, you should start to wait out his attack cycles and attack it when it stands still. Never attack the Evil Mage while he is waving its arms or it will counterattack with a really strong radial attack.

Once the Evil Mage is at half health he will start teleporting very often so you will have to move around to dodge his nova attack.

Having some elemental resistances can make this boss much easier. Resistance to ice can greatly reduce the time that you're frozen, and if maxed, provide complete immunity to all attacks except for contact damage.

Mushroom Golem

The Golem is one of the three bosses to spawn in The Forest.

It has 200 HP.


It can't jump too high and it's usually not too mobile until it starts spinning. The Golem also harms any other enemies (besides the smaller golems) with its spinning and jumping attacks.


Attack Description
Ground Smash The Golem smashes the ground, sending a shockwave through the ground, much like the shockwave spell.
Spin The Golem starts spinning like a ball. It becomes really mobile, can bounce and deals damage on touch.
Throw Boulders The Golem throws boulders, just like the trapped ones, at the player. Boulders deal around 30 damage.


Don't try to fight it while it spins, preferably stand behind a wall and try to hit while it's standing still. Freezing it can temporarily immobilize the Golem even while it is spinning, but it will continue on the same trajectory once it unfreezes.

A good counter is the wand of digging(if you have one), which deals 25 damage per charge.

Boulder protection will prevent the player from being squashed to death.

Extraordinarily dangerous on ledges above the player without boulder protection due to the instant death squashing mechanic. Though, this mechanic will kill other enemies, as well as damage enemies with its other attacks besides the boulder. Typically, the Golem will be forced to remain on the ground floor of the Forest dungeon. Ranged attacks work well, as its movement, when not spinning, is very slow and its boulders only go so far. Arrows or long distance spells work well. Fighting the Golem in an area with many platforms above him is best as the player can jump up out of reach of attacks, gaining distance, and dropping back down to damage the Golem. Be careful though, as the Golem's Spin attack can make it bounce high up onto platforms above, so moving to a fairly high platform is safest. Further, despite looking extremely large, the Golem can spin through a space that is only 1x1. (Tested when using a Wand of Digging that destroyed terrain of 1x1 blocks. The Golem revved up his Spin and spun through to the other side.)

Vine Lord

The Vine Lord is one of the three bosses to spawn in The Forest. It has 225 HP.


As soon as you trigger it, it will do one of its attacks.


Attack Description
Man-eater Seeds The Vine Lord shoots out 2-5 seeds which grow into small man-eating plants which have around 12 hp and deal 2 damage
Poison Seeds The Vine Lord shoots out a few poison seeds which will spread poison after a few seconds.
Needle shot The Vine Lord shoots out 6 needles in two bursts of three
Enrage After losing high amounts of HP the Vine Lord shoots out more seeds and attacks in a quicker manner.


You should watch out for the visual cue that indicates the needle shot and try to evade the poison and the little man-eating plants.

Other than that the Vine Lord has no other attacks so you should be able to take him out easily.

Wisp Queen

The Wisp Queen is one of the three bosses to spawn in The Forest.
It has around 250 HP.


The Wisp Queen starts as normal sized wisp, but white. After the player gets close, the Wisp Queen will grow in size and start her attacks.


Attack Desription
Wisp Spawn The Wisp Queen slowly spawns a spinning ring of wisps that can do damage and block attacks.
Wisp Throw The Wisp Queen starts to 'throw' the wisps in the wisp ring towards the player. Note: The ring of wisps will stop spinning before this attack
Wisp Renew The Wisp Queen renews her ring of wisps entire over a short duration.
Wisp Launch The Wisp Queen launches all of the wisps in her ring in all directions, then initiates Wisp Spawn to renew the ring.


Be careful when fighting in melee range, as wisps will deal a large amount of damage in succession. It's best to fight it from long range. However, one method one can use is trying to proc continues Freezes on the Wisp Queen. The Wisp Queen cannot summon more wisps while it is frozen.

Because of its ability to phase through terrain, it is best to fight the Wisp Queen on a fall through platform instead of any thick terrain that does not allow fall-through. This is because the Wisp Queen will always keep distance as far out from her so her wisps will hit, but her full body remains too far away from the player for its melee attacks. Therefore, try to keep the Wisp Queen in a position that you can easily reach its center to attack it (if using melee attacks/freeze proc strategy).


The Chimera is a 2 part boss of the Forest branch level: The Forest Temple.

The main body is 225HP and the Snake Tail has 125HP.


The Chimera moves around a small area until it sees the player, the Snake Tail on the Chimera can attack you before the body sees you. After killing the Chimera and Snake Tail, they will drop a Rune Orb and a Treasure Key


Attack Description
Poison Spit The Snake Tail spits a ball of poison at the Player. The lower the health of the Snake Tail, the faster it fires poison.
Flamebreath The Chimera Body breathes a short line of flames towards the player.
Pounce The Chimera jumps over, or through, walls to get closer to the player.


This boss is somewhat intimidating the first few times you fight it, as the Forest Temple is one of the most hostile areas in the game, and the 2 parts of the body can be confusing since you may not know which one to target first.

The general strategy is to take out the main body first, then attack the snake tail. Keep in mind that getting stuck in a corner with this boss is an easy death sentence. Always be wary of the traps around you as well.


he Necromancer is one of the three bosses that spawn in The Catacombs

It has 250HP.


Will follow the player with wall phasing ability, cannot be hit while he's moving.


Attack Description
Teleport The Necromancer teleports to a new, nearby, location.
Skeleton Summon The Necromancer summons a small group of skeletons that are comparable in attack to Zombies, but don't have as much HP.
Skeleton Mage Summon The Necromancer summons a small group of skeleton mages. These mages slow, and have low health, but fire high damage lighting bolts.
Bone Possesion The Necromancer takes the bones out of the corpses of the dead Skeletons and Skeleton mages, and then has the bones chase after the player. Note: Though a single bone does about 3 damage, in larger groups the bones can do much higher damage. In some cases, as high as 30 DMG! Note: You cannot block the bones with the Knight's block ability.


Right after triggering the boss and grabbing his attention, make sure to run to a previously cleared area(or just clear the area around him) wait for a while until he follows you with his Teleport ability, then retreat and repeat. Try to kill the Summoned Skeletons and Summoned Skeleton Mages as fast as possible. he will just summon more and more leaving you no time to go anywhere near him to land a strike and the Summons do high amounts of damage anyways. Also be aware that the Possessed Bones are deceptively lethal. Be aware that having Hands, or Zombies around can make this already difficult fight, even tougher. Be sure to clear the area!


The Abomination is one of the three bosses that spawn in The Catacombs

It has 250HP.


Abom starts off with two spike balls, then gains spike balls as he loses health, they also don't orbit him when he's not attacking.


Attack Description
Spawn Spike Balls The Abomination will spawn two spike balls shortly after getting triggered. It will summon up to two other spike balls, one at each after losing too much HP.
Emerge! The Mutant charges at the player, hitting the player with his circling spiked balls
Spiked Shot The Mutant Launch's each of his spiked balls into the player without much delay each dealing heavy damage and will return to him after they reached their maximum distance.


If you have enough DPS you can get the jump on it and simply try to kill it in the time frame in which it summons its spike balls. You can also try to kite it and attack it using ranged spells or bows. While the abomination can move quickly through open areas, it is pretty slow while navigating through narrows chokepoints and while climbing up floors.

Zombie Dragon

The Zombie Dragon is one of the three bosses that you will encounter in The Catacombs

It has 250HP.


The Zombie Dragon is a flying mob, which gives him enough mobility around the battlefield to chase the player in almost any area, Positions itself based on what attack it's going to do, Has Similar attack patterns to the Dragon in the Dark Caves


Attack Description
Emerge! The zombie dragon charges at high speed at the player destoying terrain and dealing damage on impact, also releasing a shockwave similar to the Dark Cave's Dragon boss's stomp attack. Jump or hold on to ledges to avoid damage.
Explosive Flame Bolt Charges for 1 Explosive Flame bolt that explodes when hitting the player/ground
Explosive Flame Thrower The zombie dragon Charges to release 6-8 Explosive Flame bolts that are shot randomly around the area the dragon is facing
Homing Explosive Flames The zombie dragon Charges to release 6-8 Explosive Flame bolts that follow the player


Just after the boss fight begins, retreat to a better positioning with no spike traps nor monsters and stay tuned for The Zombie Dragon to start his Emerge! attack animations. Jump upon his impact to avoid shockwave damage and counterattack quickly, then hide behind a wall at least 2 tiles tall fight to avoid damage.

The fireballs do still deal damage when the Hero has +4 fire resistance. This guide previously advised that the fire shield spell makes players immune to the Dragon's fire attacks, but that is no longer the case.


The Serpent is the boss of the Catacombs branch level: The Tower

It has 200HP.


Tower Serpent.png

The Serpent will sit in a pool of water under a bridge at the bottom of the Tower. Once a player grabs the Rune Orb, the bridges open and the Serpent starts to try and kill the player while the water rises at the same time. There are gates at certain heights of the tower that will open once the Serpent gets damaged to a certain health threshold. The last gate opens when the Serpent is killed.


Attack Description
Dash Attack The Serpent pauses for a moment, opens its mouth, and does a high speed, high damage, dash towards the player.


Despite its limited move set, The Serpent is a very capable, and deadly boss. The high speed can make it difficult to land a hit. But it is recommended to not attack until you have reached the top of the Tower. AT the top the Serpent is quite easy to hit. Be aware of the rising water after you grab the Rune Orb as being caught in the water can be extremely dangerous due to the amount of Fishmen and Imps. Once at the top of the tower, aim for the head with either Spells, Ranged attacks, or Melee attacks. A Battle Axe works well here as well as Bows.

Situational Strategy

A mage can aim to max out their lightning resistance, so they can use Eleclance on the Serpent without getting hurt themself, which effectively results in the Serpent dying in mere seconds.


The Behemoth is one of the three bosses you will encounter in the last area of the game.

The fists have 50HP each and the head has 300HP.


The Behemoth is composed of three body parts: one head and two hands. The Behemoth will attack with both of its hands until they are both destroyed. When they are, the Behemoth will lower itself, giving you an opportunity to attack its head before rising up again. Damaging his hands will not damage him.


Attacks Description
Ground pound The Behemoth will use one or both of its hands to smash the ground, which will create a Shockwave to the right and the left.
Hand charge The Behemoth will rapidly throw one of its hands at the player. Once the charge is over, the hands will hover back near the head of the Behemoth.
Lightning The Behemoth claps both hands together on your character, causing balls of lightning to appear, dealing lightning damage straight down after a short delay.


High mobility is of the essence in this fight. The Behemoth's attacks are few but pack a punch and can be difficult to avoid.

Having double jump, high jump or even triple jump can make jumping over the shockwaves of the ground pound an easy task as well as allow you to jump up to the Behemoths head to start attacking it early. Using homing spells or a bow you can damage his head while he still is in the air

Speed is also desirable as it makes it easier to get out of the way of the Hand charges.

The Behemoths head is also fairly tanky, so be prepared for a long fight.

Black Knight

The Black Knight is one of the three bosses found in the last area of the game.

It has 600HP.


The Black Knight will stand idle until the player approaches. If the player comes close enough the Black Knight will start to attack. The Black Knight will always open with a downward stab towards the player.


Attacks Description
Overhead Swing The Black Knight raises its' sword above its' head and then, after a very short delay, will swing downward in the way its' facing. The Black Knight then spends a moment with his sword on the ground. Note: If you are directly next to the Black Knight, this attack will not hit you, allowing you to get a few more attacks in before your next dodge.
Forward stab The Black Knight prepares his sword and the does a forward thrust Note: Easily dodged with a jump.
Bow Attack The Black Knight pulls out a bow and fires a few arrows before continuing his normal attacks
Downward stab The Black Knight teleports above you(marked by dark clouds) and then does a downward stab attack. The Black Knight has a small stun if he misses his target, providing another opening for attacks.
Dash Stab Just like the Forward Stab, but the Black Knight slides and either fall off or turns around and continue dashing.

Strategy A lot of new players are caught off guard by the sheer attack speed of this boss. The boss itself isn't super difficult, but the high speed makes it difficult to find openings.

Another reason that this boss is difficult is that very few Weapons can easily defeat this boss...That said, you can still help yourself against this boss with a decent bow and some double jump boots, and a good weapon always helps!

This fight requires a lot of mobility, so if you have a lower than average(less than 3) speed stat, you may have a hard time.

The Black Knight also has a trick up his sleeve that you should look out for:

Evil Transformation: About halfway through the fight, The Black Knight will stop attacking and then proceed to give himself Evil Transformation(a spell). This version of Evil Transformation heals the amount of damage dealt, so this stage of the fight can be extremely tough since every hit you take actively heals the Boss. You can tell you are in this stage of the fight due to the red outline that surrounds the Black Knight Note: You should also be aware that if the Black Knight ever falls off the island, he will do a downward stab attack to get back up to you. You may even try and make the Black Knight fall off on purpose if you are comfortable dodging.

Brood Demon

The Brood Demon is one of the three bosses found in the last area of the game.

It has 500HP.


The brood demon sits idle and not moving until a player approaches. After the boss sees the player, the Brood Demon will fly up and start to attack the player.


Attack Description
Egg Drop The Brood Demon spits out eggs that deal damage. After a short period the eggs will hatch, spawning Broodlings. The eggs bounce into the air upon hitting the ground.
Bomb Drop The Brood Demon spits out bombs, in a similar fashion to the eggs, but the bombs explode and do 99 damage. The bombs bounce into the air upon hitting the ground.
Air Dash The brood demon flies diagonally up either left or right. After that, the Brood Demon flies down towards the player, slowing down after it passes the player.


Rust Fiend

The Rust Fiend is the boss of the Rift branch level: The Factory.

It has 425HP.


The Rust Fiend will stand idle at the bottom of the Factory until a player enters its arena. After that, it will open with summoning 2 mechanical spiders, and releasing charges of electricity.


Attack Description
Static Discharge The Rust Fiend stops and releases charges of electricity.
Electric Laser The Rust Fiend goes to either the left or right elevator platform, and goes up to a certain point,

and fires a laser and proceeds to move either up or down while still firing.

Headbutt While the Rust Fiend is walking along the floor, its head will do substantial amount of

damage as well as a large amount of knockback. It also stuns the player for a short time.


Always pay attention to the electricity charges. The floor of the arena is lined with tiles that will conduct the electricity upwards, through the platforms. The ceiling also has these tiles.

If you can, have 4 electricity resistance before entering the arena. It will make the boss fight significantly easier. Bows will also make this boss easier.

Be aware that the Headbutt attack can put you in stunlock/knockback loop if you are careless. It is highly recommended that knights should not attempt to reflex stance the headbutt attack, as that will put them into the stunlock/knockback loop as well.

Lost Adventurer[edit | edit source]

The Lost Adventurer is the final boss of Vagante.

Both phases have 300HP each.


The Lost Adventurer will wait for the player to arrive, and then start its attacks.


Attack Description
Ice Boulder The Lost Adventurer builds a small boulder on the side of the stage and then slides it across the platform. Touching it will freeze the player and push

them across in the same direction.

Laser Volley The Lost Adventurer fires a volley of lasers.
Laser Array The Lost Adventurer fires multiple laser beams and goes back and forth across the stage.
Spawn Floaters The Lost Adventurer summons multiple Floaters.
Meteor Shower The Lost Adventurer calls in a meteor shower.
Electricity Balls The Lost Adventurer summons in Electricity balls, similar to The Behemoth's.
Lunge The Lost Adventurer lunges towards the player with a physical/poison attack.

*Note* As of 1.011.3 this is a buggy move and can make the Lost Adventurer fly off the stage.


Being the final boss, the Lost Adventurer is extremely difficult. As such, there is no "best way" to defeat this boss. Just use what you have and always attack when it's safe.

If you have all 4 rune orbs, a special ending will play... But you will need to find that on your own!

Tips and extra information[edit | edit source]

  • Bosses are unaffected by spike traps and will destroy them if they stomp on them.
  • Boulder Traps deal 20 damage to bosses.
  • Most bosses are significantly easier to deal with if you clear all the enemies of a level.
  • Even if you have a low chance of killing a boss, it is highly recommended to try and kill the boss anyways. If you don't plan on doing branch levels then it is okay to try and receive a level up from killing enemies in the level, though not skipping bosses is a good habit to get into.