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VER 0.28B
Armor in Vagante is an important help for your adventurer. Armor can have different effects applied to each piece. Most armor have default attributes set on them but I cannot put in the time to record all of them.

Name Description
Robes Loose and flowing robes.
Magic Robes A mysterious garment which improves magic prowness.
Tunic It doesn't offer much protection.
Ranger Uniform Sturdy, yet flexible.
Half Plate A reasonable trade-off between survivability and manueverability.
Leather Armor It's leather armor.
Reinforced Armor Metal plates protect the wearer from basic attacks.
Full Plate Armor Very heavy, but almost indestructible.
Name Description
Leather Cap Thick leather to protect the head, with a buckle to keep it fastened.
Feathered Cap You feel rather merry wearing this.
Cowl Light and comfortable.
Mage Hat Worn by many mages for its magic boosting capabilities.
Wooden Helm Better protection than nothing.
Stone Helmet It's heavy.
Horned Helm A bit heavy, but quite protective.
Great Helm Although quite heavy, there's no better protection.
Name Description
Gloves One size fits all.
Gauntlets Plenty of protection, but not much range of motion.
Name Description
Greaves These plated cleats are sure to keep your feet safe.
Boots It's a pair of boots. They go on your feet.
Name Description
Kerchief Whether you wear it around your head or your neck, it offers more in style than protection.
Talisman Many adventurers carry one of these for good luck.
Amulet Commonly used to ward off evil.
Rings (unlike other armor, two can be equipped)
Name Description
Ring of Zygox See enemy HP bars. Cannot obtain extra effects.
Ring of Seltioc Mysteriously gives the wearer knowledge of hidden enemies. Cannot obtain extra effects.
Stolen Ring Gold Collector. +3 Luck. You lifted this off of a sleazy merchant in Erifort. Wanted background only. Cannot obtain extra effects.
Broken Ring There's an empty slot where a gemstone used to be.
Wood Ring It almost looks like it was grown, rather than carved.
Silver Band It's an unremarkable, smooth, silver band.
Blue Signet Ring You don't recognize the faded sigil on the ring's surface.
Red Signet Ring You don't recognize the faded sigil on the ring's surface.
Skull Ring The likeness of a human skull adorns this ring.
Runed Ring The inside of the band is etched with arcane runes.
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